Is it normal for a laptop power adapter to be hot? 

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    When charging their laptops, many friends may encounter the power supply getting hot soon after turning on it. Is there a quality problem with the power supply or what is going on? Is this normal?


    Why does it heats up?

    The conversion efficiency of the power adapter to the power supply can only reach about 75-85 at present. During the voltage conversion, a part of the energy is lost. Except for a small part of the loss in the form of waves, most of the energy is dissipated in the form of heat. . The greater the power of the power adapter, the more energy it loses, and the greater the heat generated by the power supply.

    At present, the power adapters on the market are all sealed and packaged with fire-resistant and high-temperature resistant plastics, and the heat generated inside is mainly radiated through the conduction of the plastic shell. Therefore, the surface temperature of the power adapter is still quite high, the highest temperature can even reach about 70 degrees, which is why the desktop power supply needs to add a fan for heat dissipation. It is inevitable that the power adapter will get hot. What we can do is to reduce the temperature of the adapter as much as possible.


    Is it dangerous for the laptop power adapter to become hot during use?

    It is normal for the notebook power adapter to become hot during use. It is always working. To convert the output power, it will consume energy and part of it will become heat. At the same time, it depends on whether the battery is installed or whether the battery is normal. etc. The notebook power adapter is actually a high-precision, high-efficiency switching-type regulated power supply. Its function is to convert 220v AC mains power into low-voltage DC power, providing stable power for the normal operation of the notebook computer. It is even called a notebook computer. The “source of power”.

    As long as the temperature of the power adapter is within the design range, that is to say, the temperature of the power adapter is within the normal range, there is generally no danger!


    How to choose a high quality adapter?

    We should first buy a regular power adapter, first look at the product details, the information given by a regular power adapter is generally very complete, there will be product certification information, manufacturer information, generally certified and professionally produced power supplies Adapters are relatively reliable. The second point is the brand. The brand is also very important. This is the same as when we buy mobile phones and like branded phones. Although we choose a branded power adapter, the price of his power adapter may be higher. The third point is the certification I mentioned earlier. The certified products will go through a series of tests and will be more secure and reliable.


    How to alleviate the problem of power adaptor overheating?

    1. Create a good heat dissipation environment, and place the power adapter in a location that is not exposed to sunlight and is ventilated. Remember not to use it for too long under high temperature. If you must use it for a long time, you must pay attention to heat dissipation. You can put the fan aside to assist in heat dissipation.
    2. In a high temperature environment, put the adapter on its side to reduce the contact with the ground area, so that the adapter can better dissipate heat and achieve a heat dissipation effect.
    3. A narrow plastic block or metal block can be inserted between the adapter and the desktop, which can speed up the heat dissipation of the adapter.
    4. The heat of the power adapter is generally caused by battery charging and computer consumption. We can set it in the battery management software.
    5. Frequently wipe the adapter with a dry cloth or paper towel to prevent dust from entering the adapter and reduce the heat dissipation performance of the adapter.

    Our company power adapters are equipped with heat sinks. The heat inside the power adapter is conducted to the outside of the power adapter through the heat sink to release, so that the power adapter is not scrapped due to overheating, and it also relieves the power adapter from being overheated during the charging process.



    The above is about the method to solve the heating of the power adapter, but we try to avoid the humid environment when using the power adapter, and should stop using it in thunderstorms, and do not put the power adapter on warm objects. If abnormalities occur, stop in time For use, etc., of course, it is very important to choose a strong adapter manufacturer, and a power adapter manufacturer with guaranteed quality is also very important.


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