How much voltage of charger will hurt you? How to avoid?

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    I believe that many people have always been concerned about this topic, it is whether some electronic devices can be used when charging? or whether the mobile phone can be used when charging, and how to avoid it? Whether it’s an iPhone or an Android phone, tablet, camera, etc., the current mainstream specification is to use input “5V direct current”. This voltage is actually very low and will not kill you.


    The voltage of 5v does not kill people, but the current is not necessarily! High voltage but very low current will not kill people, but low voltage and high current will cause shock to death. If you have studied electronics before, do you remember P=I*V? The main point of this matter is the current (I). When an excessively strong current through the human body and stimulates the heart, it may cause the current to disturb the beating of the human heart, and even cause the heart to lose its function, and then cause breathing to stop and suffocate.

    Then how much current can cause the death of the human body? Generally speaking, a 100mA alternating current through the human heart may cause the ventricles to move finely and cause heart failure and death! But this will be affected by the environment, such as humidity, dryness, environment, climate, physical fitness and other factors. This is why everyone says not to use electricity when taking a bath, because the humid environment is especially easy to conduct electricity, if it encounters excessive current It will stop the heart and so on.

    The first aid behavior in the medical, you have also seen the cardiac shock device in the TV series. This first aid device for electric shock uses a rechargeable electric shock to stimulate the heart. In an emergency, the heart that has stopped frequently is stimulated and beats again. The principle of beating is a high-voltage electric shock, but the current is actually very small. For the same reason, some commercially available anti-wolf electric shock devices have a similar principle.


    Usually it can reach the level of kill people. The main reason is that the current is too high, not the problem in 110V/22V. Too high voltage will cause fainting or adsorption, but when too high current passes through the human body, it will produce heart shock or electric current burns, or even bursting at the end of the body! But this must be built under environmental factors with high enough current! So we must avoid these problems, so how to avoid them?

    • Environment of use: It is recommended that you do not touch/use electrical equipment when bathing, after bathing, in the rain, after being in the rain, after playing with water, because it is really difficult to guarantee that lethal electric currents appear from that environment ! In fact, some people suggest that in the environment of thunder, do not take out your phone even if it is not raining, so as not to draw the “thunder” and smash the human body (I believe you don’t want to be Sol)…
    • Use the original charger and cable: The original accessories are indeed more expensive. If you have read some internet articles, the internal structure of Apple’s charger is actually very particular. Sometimes you may think that Apple charger and cable are too expensive, but the practical materials and quality grades are really different. (People have seen the charging cable in $10 per pieces ? Maybe have seen a wall charger in $50 per pieces. What do you think the material of them? Low-priced chargers/charging cables on the market, in order to be able to grab the market at a low price, usually omit qualified safety protection measures or certifications, so if you look for them on the Internet, you can see the charger exploded or the charging cable burned. Everyone would like cheaper one, but should put safety in first? Are original accessories always safe? Not necessarily, even the original factory will have a defect rate, whether it will be dropped by the dealer, no one can guarantee this, what do you think!)
    • Aging and leakage of the charging cable: If you find that the charging socket is a little loose, or the charging cable has leaked from the internal wiring, then don’t use it anymore! Please replace it if it is aging or damaged. This is just like the wire in your home. If you find that the wire has peeled off at the turning point or the line is leaking, please replace it as soon as possible!
    Aging Test
    • Don’t use your phone when charging? : Yes or no! Basically, it is recommended not to use electronic devices when charging. The main reason is that the battery will generate energy conversion temperature during charging. If your phone is used at this time, it will cause accumulation of multiple temperature sources on the phone due to the temperature of the mobile phone during operation. If you also use a protective case on your phone to cause ventilation obstacles, then the life of electronic products will be reduced due to heat, especially batteries that are extremely temperature-sensitive. So can I use my phone while charging? The answer is yes, but you must consider the above environment and whether there will be heat storage problems, especially if you are using a protector case, you must pay special attention to the temperature crisis caused by charging while using your phone!
    • Metal is easy to conduct electricity? YES, because the phone is made of aluminum alloy or other metal materials, after giving the phone a texture, it brings a crisis of easy conduction. If there meets the 4 points of the above, it will be more likely to cause current conduction, especially in a wet environment (hand sweat?). Overall, according to the analysis of electrical experts, electronics experts, engineers and scholars, even if the 110v/22v voltage and current flowing from the wall socket of the household power supply directly touch the human body, the probability of causing death is very very low.
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    But no matter whether the voltage on the mobile phone charger can kill people, everyone should still “be cautious if possible”! Especially the use of cheap charger and heat storage during charging, these are things that everyone usually pays special attention to!


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