Evaluation and dissection of QC3.0 18W charger

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    IDEAL Technology Co., Ltd. has launched a QC3.0 18W fast charge charger, which has two styles of American and European regulations. It has passed CE, ROSH and other related certifications. The charger supports 3.6-12V full voltage range and is also compatible with the QC3.0 fast charging protocol, which can meet the fast charging needs of most mobile phones. For this charger, the author has made a detailed evaluation, and now I will bring you a detailed disassembly of the product to see how it works.

    1.Product appearance

    Image 27

    Simple and intuitive rectangle, classic and durable.

    2.Specific parameters:

    Image 33

    INPUT: AC100-240V 50/60HZ
    OUTPUT: 3.6-6.5V 3A;
    6.5-9V 2A;
    9-12V 1.5A
    IDEAL Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

    3.Volume and weight parameters:

    Image 28

    The height of the charger is about 53.13mm

    Image 29

    The width of the charger is about 41.73mm

    Image 30

    The thickness of the charger is about 25.62mm

    The three-dimensional parameters of the charger are 53.13*41.73*25.62mm, the volume of the charger is about 56.80cm³, and the maximum output is 18W, and the power density is about 0.32W/cm³.

    Image 36

    It is one-half the size of the palm, and it feels comfortable in the hand.

    Image 32

    Product net weight 44G

    4.Dismantling and materials

    Environmentally friendly fireproof material, it will not continue to burn away from the fire source.

    Image 37
    Image 38

    List of internal dismantling structures

    Image 39

    PCB length: 48.80mm

    Image 40

    PCB width:37.00mm

    Image 41

    PCB thickness:17.60mm

    5.Compatibility and functional testing

    Image 43

    Real machine charging test

    Image 44

    After four hours of aging test, there was no undervoltage or undercurrent. The temperature is also within the acceptable range.

    Image 47
    Image 46
    Image 48

    Place it at a high temperature of 55 degrees and a low temperature of minus 20 degrees for two hours each. After taking it out, check that the product has not melted or cracked.

    Image 49

    The voltage is 12V, the current is 1.5A, the power is 18W, and the fast charge is turned on.

    QC3.0 18W charger disassembly summary:

    IDEAL’s QC3.0 18W fast charge charger adopts a classic candy bar design with a sleek and concise body, which is convenient for customers to perform differentiated customization and has a good feel for users. The European styles displayed this time, but if customers have requirements, IDEAL can also provide customers with US, AU, and UK versions, and have passed relevant certifications.

    As an 18W fast charging charger, it supports QC fast charging protocol, has a set of 5V, 9V, 12V voltage levels, and has good compatibility, meeting the fast charging needs of mobile phones of Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and other brands.


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