5 Tip to check the reason for the slow charging of the phone?

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    Have your friends also encountered this problem? After using the mobile phone for a period of time, the charging speed becomes slower and slower. It can be fully charged in one or two hours, but now it is not fully charged in the same time. So what caused it? In fact, there are many factors influencing the slow charging speed of mobile phones. Let me teach you how to troubleshoot.

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    Does the mobile phone/charger/charging cable support fast charging?

    Nowadays mobile phone fast charging has become more and more popular, but there are still many mobile phone models that do not support fast charging, so if the charging speed of the phone is slow, you can check the detailed configuration of the phone first, if you confirm that the phone supports this function, check the charger , Generally, the output current will be marked on the charger. If the charger power is not enough, the charging speed will be very slow.

    On the mobile phone charger, you can see the output voltage and current. Before 2013, almost all mobile phone chargers were 5V/1A, and their product was power, which was only 5W. Low power is the direct cause of slow charging of mobile phones. For example, the latest iPhone 11 is equipped with a 5V/1A charger as standard. It takes three or four hours to charge the 3110 mAh battery inside.


    Of course, increasing the voltage or current can increase the power and speed up the charging speed. This forms the two main schools of mobile phone fast charging: high voltage and small current and low voltage and large current. Different charging cables support different currents. You can try another person’s data cable. After the cable is changed, the charging speed is normal, which means it is time to change the data cable. Some data cables lack control in terms of reliability and electrical performance. Unstable charging current and high temperature may occur, which will damage the service life of mobile phone batteries.

    Therefore, it is best to use quality charging cables. In addition, in order to prevent misjudgment caused by damage to the socket, you can also try another power socket. What is the reason for the slow charging of the mobile phone?

    To sum up, the slow charging speed of mobile phones is related to whether the mobile phone/charger/charging cable supports fast charging. It is best to use quality-guaranteed chargers and data cables.


    Check whether to enter the fast charge 

    If the phone supports the fast charge function, but the charging speed is still slow, you can check whether it is caused by the phone not entering the fast charge. You can use the phone charging icon to determine whether the phone enters the fast charge mode. Single lightning represents normal charging, one large and one small double lightning represents fast charging, and double large lightning/double large continuous lightning represents super fast charging. Mobile phone charging speed: super fast charge>fast charge>normal charge.

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    The influence of charging temperature

     Due to the characteristics of the lithium battery itself, it is more sensitive to temperature, so when the temperature is too high or too low, it will damage the service life of the battery. In addition, the current mobile phone has a temperature protection mechanism when charging. When the temperature is detected outside the normal use range, the charging current will be reduced, and the power will be automatically cut off when it is severe. In normal use, you should pay attention to charging at room temperature, and at the same time, pay attention to cleaning up high-power applications running in the background. In addition, it is not recommended to play with your phone while charging.


    Dust on the charging contacts 

    Because the interface of the mobile phone or charger is exposed, it is easy to enter some small foreign objects such as dust, or wear and deformation caused by external forces, etc., which will cause poor contact during charging, or even hot and make the mobile phone unable to charge or charge. Intermittently, affecting battery life. If the phone has such problems, use tools such as brushes to carefully clean up the foreign objects or go to repair outlets to replace the interface. Always pay attention to keeping the charging interface clean when using the mobile phone, and pay special attention to waterproof and dustproof.


    Battery aging failure capacity decreases 

    Nowadays, lithium batteries are generally used. The lithium battery itself has a certain service life. The life of the lithium battery is mainly calculated by the number of charge and discharge. The normal use can reach about 500 times. With the increase of the number of times, the capacity will decrease proportionally. Battery aging affects normal use, it is recommended to replace the battery in time.

    What is the reason for the slow charging of the mobile phone? If the charging speed is still slow after the above 5 points are checked, it is recommended that friends restart the phone and try to see if there is a problem with the phone system software. If the problem still exists, it may be a hardware problem of the mobile phone. It is recommended to go to the manufacturer’s authorized service center for inspection and repair.



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