2022 Model list of Smartphones with USB Type C connectivity

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    The type-c interface is suitable for Huawei, Honor, Xiaomi, Samsung, Meizu and other mobile phones.

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    The newest compatible model list in 2022,

    • Samsung Galaxy S22 / S22 ultra/ S21 / S21 plus / S21 Ultra / S20 FE / S20 / S20 Plus / S20 Ultra/S19 / S12 / S11
    • Samsung Galaxy S10e / S10 / S10 +/ S9 / S9 +/ S8 / S8 Plus/Note 20 5G/ Note 20 Ultra /Note 8/Note 9 / Note 10
    • Samsung Galaxy A10e / A11 / A12 / A13 / A02s / A03s / A8 /A9/A20 / A20s / A21 / A21s / A22 / A22/A30 / A30s / A31
    • Samsung Galaxy A32 / A40 / A40s / A41/ A42 /A50 / A50s / A51 / A52 / A52s /A60 / A70 / A70s / A71 /A72 / A80 / A81 / A90 / A91
    • Samsung Galaxy M11 / M20 / M21 / M21s/ M22 / M30 / M31/ M31s / M32 / M51 / M52 / Z Flip / Z Fold2/ Z Flip3
    • Samsung Tab S5E / Tab A7 10.4 (2020) /Tab S6 /Tab S6 5G / Tab S6 Lite / Tab S7 / Tab S7+ / Tab A 10.5(2018)
    • Compatible with Motorola/ LG/ Lenovo/ Huawei/Nokia/ Nintendo Switch /PS5 Controller/GoPro/ Google Pixel/ Sony
    • Motorola Moto G Power/ G Stylus / Moto G / G Plus / G Pro /G Pure /Moto E40 /Moto G30/ Moto G20 / Moto G60
    • Motorola Moto G9 / G8 / G8 Power / G7 / G7 Power / G7 Play / G7 Plus /G7 Supra / G6 / G6 Power/ Z / Z2 / Z2 force / Z3 /Z4 / X4
    • LG Stylo 4/ Stylo 5/ Stylo 6 / Velvet / Velvet 5G / K51 / K52/K41S /K50S /K51s / Q Stylus Reflect / Rebel 4/ Rebel 4 lte
    • LG /G6/ G7/ G7 ThinQ / G8 / G9/V20/ V30/ V30s ThinQ /V35/ V35 ThinQ /V40 /V40 ThinQ/ V50/ V50 ThinQ/V50s ThinQ/ V60 ThinQ
    • Huawei P20 /P20 Pro/ P20 Lite/ P30/ P30 Pro/ P30 lite / P40 / P40 pro/Sony/Xiaomi /GoPro/ Google Pixel/Lenovo
    • Compatible with PS5 Controller/ Xbox Series X/S controller, Nintendo Switch /Switch lite/ Pro controller and other devices with Type-C charging port.

    If you want to learn more about type c cable, you can continue to read this article. I will expand with you from the following perspectives this topic:

    What is a type-c interface?

    The Type-C interface is a form of Universal Serial Bus (USB) hardware interface. It is characterized by a slimmer design, faster transmission speed, and more powerful power transmission. More importantly is the Type-C plug-in interface Support double-sided insertion of USB interface.

    At the same time, the USB cable used with it is also thinner and lighter. The USB Type-C data interface is not a brand-new USB standard, but an extension of the current USB standard. In short, the USB Type-C is characterized by the fact that both positive and negative can be plugged in and used to transmit power and USB data, Display Port, HDMI, VGA 5 functions are integrated, thus realizing the high integration of various interfaces and the lightness and portability of products.

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    What is the difference between USB type-c and Micro USB?

    1. Different appearance: The micro USB interface is narrower than Type-C, the upper and lower ends of the interface are different in size, and there are positive and negative directions, while the Type-C interface is a regular rounded rectangle, and the interface has no square direction, which is more convenient;
    2. The transmission speed and charging efficiency are different: the Type-C interface has faster transmission speed, the maximum output power of charging is higher, and the charging efficiency is higher.
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    What is the use of the Type-C interface?

    Type-C can replace the headphone jack of mobile phones, and can realize TV screen projection of the phones and laptops. It can also be connected to an external display by using a Type-C to HDMI cable. It can also be connected to storage devices such as hard disks and supports network cable interface and external USB devices.

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    How to achieve fast charging?

    You will need a 3A above type c cable and a power block rated for fast charging and a phone capable of the same.

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    The best USB-C cables for your phone in 2022.

    Buying a usb cable should consider these two aspects for charging speed and durability. If you are greedy to buy a cheap cable, not only the charging speed is slow, but it is easy to break. And because the voltage is not equal, it may damage the phone.

    At present, most of the cables sold on the market are from Guangdong, China. Some raw materials of poor quality often have problems that they cannot be charged or charged slowly, and some serious leakage occurs.

    But there are also some cables that are not original brand, but the quality is ok, such as Ugreen, Xiaomi and Romans. The products of these brands have been test by professional person. There is no need to know too many principles about usb cable for most of people, as long as the cable is durable, and the reason why these brands are relatively well-known is because many people use them and them are durable, so the brand is naturally praised.

    The following recommendations are applicable, all of which are relatively good cables sold by large chain supermarkets such as Amazon and Walmart, and the wholesale prices are from Chinese professional cable manufacturers, the quality is guaranteed!

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