What’s the difference between 5v 1a and 5v 2a charger?

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    How much current should different models of the phones to use? Let me explain the difference between different ampere of chargers.

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    If the voltage is equal, the difference between the 1A and 2A charger is:

    1. The appearance of 2A is obviously larger than 1A;
    2. The charging speed is the same. Theoretically, 2A can shorten the charging time by half than 1A, but if the capacity of battery is small, 2A charger is easy to damage the battery or reduce the life of the battery. Generally, the charging current of a lithium battery cannot exceed 0.5C.
    3. 1A and 2A indicate the current of output by your charger. If the output current is large, your load is easy to be full (short time), the output is small (long time) the charge stability is good. The battery is durable.

    If you are urgent for the answer, the above paragraph can help you make a judgment. If you want to learn more about 1A and 2A chargers, you can continue to read this article. I will expand with you from the following perspectives this topic:

    What is A?

    A is the abbreviation of the current unit ampere, 1A or 2A refers to the size of the charging current

    1A and 2A chargers can be used in common?

    Yes, in theory, it can be charged as long as the USB is plugged in. 2A charger means that its maximum output is 2A, and a 1A charger’s maximum output is 1A, the output current of the charger is related to the impedance of its rechargeable battery, not the 2A charger must output 2A current. if current are high, then the temperature will be high of the phone and charger, and it will feel slightly hot.

    What is the difference between the charging speed of 1A and 2A chargers?

    The common 5V1A/2A charger to charging of Samsung GALAXY Note 4 for half an hour, and the 5V/2A charger is the original Note 4 charger.


    Test Results of iphone 5S ( for 1A charger)

    The output of the iPad charger is 5.1V/2.1A, and the iPhone is 5V/1A. We use two iPhone 5s for testing, and the battery will be consumed to 30%. Use the iPad charger and iPhone charger to charge for half an hour. .



    1. High-current chargers to charging low-current of the phones, the results will hardly be affected, and the charging speed will not increase.
    2. Small current can charging to high-current of the phones, but the charging speed is slow, the charger will be in the load state for a long time, which will cause the charger to overheat, which will easily cause the charger to accelerate the aging speed. It is not recommended to use it frequently.
    3. It is recommended to use the original charger if it can be used. If it is equipped with a charger, it is not recommended to use a charger below 1A.


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