Zinc Alloy Double Nylon Kevlar USB Cable

IETCABLE Kevlar Cable is combining durability of Kevlar Cables with stylish simplicity. The cable is giving fast and efficient charging and syncing.

Kevlar cables are extra sturdy cables that last a long time. Standard plastic cables are cheaper, but also break down faster. As a result, you always have to buy new cables. Kevlar cables last a long time and you don’t have to replace them all the time. Kevlar is a strong and resilient fiber that is also used in protective motorcycle clothing and bulletproof vests. Kevlar cables don’t break when you roll them up or when you handle them roughly. Choose a standard USB-A to Lightning / USB-C cable to charge your Android smartphone or iPhone. Or go for a USB-C to Lightning / USB-C fast charging cable if you want to use your cable with a Power Delivery fast charger.

IET code



Kevlar USB Cable




Nylon braided



Plug Type

Lightning, Micro, Type C


1M, 1.5M


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