GaN 120W 4-Port USB C Fast Charger

120W Power Delivery charger is powerful enough to all your high-power devices(MacBook Air / Pro /iPad Pro/iPhone 12 /11 / Pro,etc), The maximum power of a single C1 or C2 port can reach 100W, in an incredibly portable body. The futureproof GaN tech, with a high energy conversion, especially when travelling around or on a business trip.

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【One Socket Fast Charge 4 Devices】Simultaneously charge 4 devices at full speed and save up to 1 hour of charging time with 120W usb c charger. This 120W GaN charger is able to charge 2 laptops plus 2 USB-A devices at the same time. All ports support QC (quick charge) agreement. Only one charger meets all your charging needs.
【GaN Charger】The Charger utilizes the industry-leading GaN (gallium nitride) Chip.GaN chip technology contributes smaller and faster Charger. Innovative GaN runs at a higher efficiency in power converting up to 90% with less heat and more power.
【Wide Compatibility】This USB Type-C charger box not only fits a variety of systems such as iOS, Android, and Windows, but also supports USB devices, smartphones, laptops with USB-C port, tablets, switches, gaming consoles, cameras, and more cellphone accessories.
【Less Heating & Higher Charging Efficiency】One of core factors of affecting power efficiency is the heat-dissipating capability. At the meantime, this charger provides double power density and reduces power losses by 80% which also means increases the power efficiency.

IET code



AC100 – 240V


A1 or A2: 4.5V5A, 5V4.5A, 9V3A, 12V2.5A, 15V2A, 20V1.5A, C1 or C2: 5V3A, 9V3A, 12V3A, 15V3A, 20V6A PPS: 3.3-21V 6A


PC Fire-Proof Shell