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    As one of the essential electronic products in our daily life, chargers appear in our lives every day. So what kind of material is it made of, and do you know the characteristics of different materials? Today, let me take everyone to answer this question.

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    The charger is divided into three major components

    A. Shell( case)

    B. Charging Pin

    C. Circuit board(PCB)

    A. Charger shell material and characteristics:

    1. ABS material characteristics
         ABS is a kind of thermoplastic polymer material structure with high strength, good toughness and easy processing and forming. It can behave normally in an environment of -25°-60°, and has good formability. The processed product has a smooth surface, easy to dye and electroplating. Performance characteristics of ABS material
        1), low strength, tensile strength 43MPa, bending strength 79MPa
         2), not resistant to temperature, long-term use temperature should not be higher than 60 degrees Celsius
        3), fluidity, coloring, surface spraying and electroplating performance are all good. ABS materials are used in household appliances, panels, masks, assemblies, accessories, etc., especially household appliances, such as washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, electric fans, etc. The amount is very large, and in addition, it has a wide range of uses in plastic modification.
    1. PC material characteristics
        1), with high strength and elastic coefficient, high impact strength, wide operating temperature range
        2), high transparency and free dyeing
        3), H.D.T. high
        4), good fatigue resistance
        5), good weather resistance
        6), excellent electrical characteristics
        7), tasteless, odorless, harmless to the human body, in line with hygiene and safety
        8), low molding shrinkage, good dimensional stability. Disadvantages Poorly designed molded products are prone to internal stress problems.
        Use Electronic appliances: CD discs, switches, housings of household appliances, signal tubes, telephones
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    B. The material of the charger pin is generally metal.

    Metals are generally copper, gold-plated, silver-plated, nickel-plated
    Generally, the charger plugs with nickel-plated copper and high-current are generally copper-plated with silver, or copper-plated with gold, and low-power and small-current are generally nickel-plated with copper.

    The plastic of the plug, that is, the plastic shell, is generally PC, and PC has the second order, and the high-quality raw materials generally have the fire and flame retardant test report, and they are divided into several grades. There is no test report and grade for the secondary use of recycled materials, which will cause various problems and is not guaranteed.

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    C. Circuit board material

    Mobile phone circuit board production process:
    First of all, the circuit board manufacturer needs the production file provided by the customer, that is, the circuit diagram drawn by the customer. These circuit diagrams include the working process of the entire circuit board, that is, the connection between the various components. Simply put, which line can supply power, which line can send and receive signals, which line can be connected to the antenna, etc. .
    Then, the circuit board manufacturer will draw the circuit diagram on a whole board according to the customer’s drawing file. It needs to be mentioned here that this board is made of a special material, and the surface is covered with a very thin layer of copper. Because our circuits are all made of copper, we mapped the production map to the whole board in a special way, so that the parts without drawing circuits were exposed (that is, the areas with circuits were covered).
    After the above processing, we now need to put the whole board in a special solution, which can corrode the places that are not covered by the circuit, so that after the corrosion, the circuit board is only covered by the circuit. The copper skin, which is what we call the circuit diagram. In this way, the basic circuit has been shaped. Then spray a layer of insulating material on the surface of the board, green or blue, etc., and then perform some other simple treatments, so that a circuit board is formed. We only need to solder the components to the place where the components are reserved for welding, and then we can realize the functions that our mobile phones need to achieve.

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    Complete the above three parts, and then combine them to form a complete charger. Customers can also add feel oil, print text, or patterns on the charger surface according to their own preferences.

    If you have any additions to my article, you are welcome to reply to me and discuss more details.


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