magnetic cable Dismantling evaluation report 【IET2020C3】

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    Speaking of the magnetic interface, users who have used MacBook in the early years should know very well that when the data cable interface is close to the charging interface, they will automatically attract each other by magnetic force, and the “plug and plug” action can be completed with one hand, which is very easy to use. convenient. Such a good charging experience can also be achieved on a mobile phone, and only a magnetic charging cable is required.

    Step 1. Appearance and basic specifications


    Model: IET2020C3
    Material: Nylon+Aluminum alloy
    Connector :USB C/ Micro/ Lighting
    Power: 10W
    Output: 5V 2A
    Length: 1M

    image 1

    The measured product weight is 26g only, Very light and easy to carry.

    image 2

    Test wire diameter 3.47mm,this cable is relatively thin.

    image 3

    The measured line length is 104CM,Meet the daily use of charging and data transmission.

    Step 2. Functional test

    image 8

    Mobile phone charging test,After power on, there will be a blue indicator light at the connector to show that it is charging.

    image 5

    Connect the computer to transfer the data in the mobile phone. The test result supports data transmission and the transmission speed is normal.

    image 9
    image 9

    The actual test voltage is 5V, the maximum current can reach 2A, and the power is 10W, which can meet most mobile phone charging requirements.

    image 4

    cable resistance test,The resistance is only 0.0021 ohms, which is very small.

    Step 3. Disassemble

    image 10

    The joint is a detachable magnetic design. Very fashionable, users only need to put the connector on their phones, when the phone need to charging just magnetic the cable. Reduce the damage to the mobile phone interface by plugging and unplugging.

    image 11

    The front and back of the cable have the same design, and the aluminum alloy shell is smooth and shiny.Suitable for customer OEM own LOGO in this position.

    image 12

    There are 7 contacts at the magnetic cable. 4 coils can be connected at the magnetic joint. Strengthen the magnetic attraction.

    image 13

    Remove the aluminum alloy shell and peel off the glue layer. You can see the PCB and solder joints. The four wires are connected to both sides of the PCB.

    image 14

    Let us cut the cable and take a look at its internal structure. It can be seen that under the nylon braid is a white PVC skin with four wires inside, each of which is composed of pure copper wires. Red and black are power cords, which are thicker. Green and white are data transmission, which is relatively thin.

    image 15

    The disassembly is complete, and all the accessories are taken photo together.

    Step 4. Summarize

    The overall feel of this thread is relatively soft. The characteristic lies in the magnetic design, which can better protect the mobile phone charging joint. It is convenient for driving people to charge, or it is more convenient to use in the case of insufficient light and poor eyesight. No need to spend time and energy to find the charging joint on the mobile phone to realize one-handed charging. Compared with the traditional integrated cable, this design is also more novel and more suitable for young people who like to try new things.


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