10 tips for saving mobile your phone battery

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    As we entered the era of mobile phones and smartphones, it has become the norm to charge mobile phones once or several times a day. Even many consumers feel insecure if they go out without a charger or power bank. So, how to use a smart phone to save phone battery?


    (1) Turn off Bluetooth as much as possible. Turn on Bluetooth only when it needs to transmit data, and make sure that Bluetooth is turned off during the rest of the time. This can not only reduce excess power consumption, but also eliminate the uncertain risk of cell phone poisoning.

    (2) 防止WIFI长时间开启。如果一直开着WIFI,就会一直搜索信号,耗电大到让人不敢相信,所以不用的时候一定要果断关机。

    (3) 关闭按键音和振动。按键声音和触摸振动不可避免地会消耗额外的电量,并不是必需的功能。因此,关闭这两个功能不会影响手机的使用。


    (4) Reduce the screen brightness. The huge screen on the phone is one of the most power-hungry areas. Moderately reducing the screen brightness will greatly improve the standby capacity of the mobile phone, and at the same time, it can also protect the eyes from being stimulated by high brightness. Therefore, the screen brightness can be set to automatic on the mobile phone, so that the mobile phone can automatically follow the ambient light to adjust the brightness.

    (5) The GPS switch is less open. When using the mobile phone map and positioning time, you need to use the GPS function. At this time, you need to turn it on and turn it off as soon as possible after use.



    (7) 避免开关机过多,尽量避免使用动态桌面。每次开机都会重新加载手机软件,重新搜索信号定位手机。这个过程会消耗很多电量。因此,我们应该尽量避免过度开关手机。手机动态桌面的画面确实让人眼花缭乱,但它是由一个随时运行、更新的程序呈现的。不仅会耗电,还会消耗手机的上网流量。



    (9) 防止过度使用资源密集型应用程序。视频和游戏等资源密集型应用程序将加速手机的电池消耗。要想省电,切记避开视频新闻,不要长时间玩游戏。

    (10) 减少使用耗电量大的应用程序。在设置中,可以查看手机应用的耗电量排名,掌握哪些应用耗电最多。如果其中一个应用程序消耗大量电量,则该应用程序很可能会整天使用或在后台运行。事实上,许多智能手机用户忽略了这一点。因此,减少使用耗电量大的应用程序并禁用后台运行的软件对提高待机功耗有很大的作用。



    The key to mobile phone power saving is to increase revenue and reduce expenditure. Open source refers to increasing the capacity of mobile phone batteries. Throttling means saving electricity. When the mobile phone leaves the factory, it saves the power consumption of the mobile phone by doing a good job of reducing the energy consumption of the processor, optimizing the system, and restricting the background permissions of the application.
    The above are a few good ways to save power on mobile phones. In addition to saving power, we can use QC3.0 or Type-c PD chargers to help fast charge, so that we can feel more secure.


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